“Parenting can feel relentless. Our children are constantly growing and changing and testing the limits. Our family lives are busy to the point of chaos, with little time for sharing quiet, loving moments. No wonder we parents feel like weʼre on a roller coaster ride!

Parenting is hugely challenging! It “pushes our buttons” and brings up issues we may still be working on ourselves. Few things are more humbling. Yet, with the right information and perspective, parenting can be the most satisfying thing we do in our lives.

Parents donʼt cause children to misbehave, but how you react to misbehavior has a lot to do with whether or not it continues! So, donʼt let these pervasive but destructive parenting myths pull you into ineffective parenting that sabotages your efforts to raise a caring, capable child! If you want what most parents want—confident, resilient and respectful kids – then check out the resources on this page.”

Excerpt   from  Raise  Capable, Confident Kids by Kimberly Gonsalves


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